Sara Mason

Using the Customizable Features of VieBit to Represent Your Brand
By Sara Mason

Today’s media-rich culture can sometimes be a little overwhelming, but along with more forms of content come more opportunities for branding. Representing your organization, whether on the web, through print communication, or broadcast on cable, is an extremely important and effective way to encourage the public to take interest. Our advanced streaming solution, VieBit®, not…Read more >

Scott Morrison

The Value of a Strong Dealer Network
By Scott Morrison

For years, we have been totally committed to a network of talented, authorized dealers throughout North America to assist our customers and sell our products. However, to this day, many new customers question why we don’t sell LEIGHTRONIX products directly to them. When this question comes up, our answer is always a confident referral to…Read more >

Sara Mason

Give Your IT Specialists a Break: Stream Video the Easy Way
By Sara Mason

In any organization, IT professionals make up an extremely important department, managing a number of vital processes. With that importance comes a swelling of duties that, while valued by all, are not totally understood by many. The journey of an IT professional can be uniquely frustrating; it’s an ultimately rewarding position, offering numerous opportunities, but…Read more >

John Gonzalez

LEIGHTRONIX Tip: UltraNEXUS-HD Zone Templates
By John Gonzalez

With only so many hours in the day, sometimes one screen of information just isn’t enough to inform your audience. For UltraNEXUS-HD™ series users, this isn’t a problem. With the included UltraNEXUS-HD Zone Templates feature, up to three zones of content can be displayed at the same time. What’s more, the TOTAL INFO-HD™ dynamic content…Read more >