Kyle Kast

2016 Holiday Party
By Kyle Kast

With the ending of an extremely busy and productive year, the LEIGHTRONIX staff was treated to a wonderful night out full of great food and holiday cheer. LEIGHTRONIX has historically offered some pretty extravagant celebrations in the past and this year’s holiday party went right along with that trend.Winter Wonderland

Taking the busHuddling into a huge tour bus at the LEIGHTRONIX headquarters, all of us prepared for a night of enjoyment, heading straight to the historic downtown area of Mason, MI. From there, we enjoyed a lovely meal at a private dining room owned by the local bookstore and deli.

A sea of lightsAfter eating, we piled back in the bus and went straight to the main event: a festive wagon ride at the area’s premier holiday park. Mid-Michigan had been surprisingly bare of snow for the last few weeks, only recently breaking the trend the night before with a continuous blanket of white. With luck, this came just in time for our evening of lights. As music played, over 40,000 lights danced to its tune, all while a light snow weightlessly floated down over the bright display. Crammed next to our closest coworkers and family, it was like sitting in the middle of a snow globe. This year’s party will be a hard one to top.

Enjoying the light showThe evening was a resounding success and representative of the efforts our company puts into employee satisfaction. LEIGHTRONIX was built on a bedrock of innovation and forward thinking, but it has always been appreciative of the individuals that make up the company and customer base. To learn more about the corporate culture at LEIGHTRONIX, check out this blog post describing the company’s growth over the years.

Kyle handles a number of communication-based responsibilities at LEIGHTRONIX from social media to proofing manuals. He holds an MA in English from Northern Arizona University and has years of experience teaching college writing and technical communication.

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