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Sara Mason

The More Output Types, the Better
By Sara Mason

No one can deny that the video landscape has changed significantly in the last several decades. Audiences of all ages are consuming media in different ways. It’s true that the nation’s youth is gravitating toward streaming media, but broadcast television is still a major player in the video world, filling video needs across all generations…Read more >

John Gonzalez

By John Gonzalez

Your computer at home has an HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) port, so does your television. Your mobile devices and cameras can have versions of HDMI ports as well. Walking into a broadcast studio, however, you’re more likely to run into HD-SDI (High-Definition Serial Digital Interface) connections on every piece of major video equipment. Anyone coming…Read more >

Sara Mason

Hardware Encoding: The Best Choice for Broadcasting and Streaming
By Sara Mason

As John mentioned at the end of his article a couple of months ago the way in which video is encoded can have profound effects on quality and the overall effectiveness of broadcast workflows. This is absolutely true, but for anyone regularly managing a channel or operating live streams, the platform of encoding is especially important.…Read more >

Aaron Todd

When to Choose High, Main, and Baseline While Encoding H.264
By Aaron Todd

Many current and forthcoming LEIGHTRONIX products with H.264 encoding provide the ability for users to choose the video profile that best suits a given stream. In other words, these products allow users to choose between High, Main, and Baseline H.264 encoding compression capabilities. An H.264 profile more or less defines which bells and whistles the…Read more >

Sara Mason

Comprehensive Election Coverage
By Sara Mason

PEG access organizations have been a resource for presenting the candidates and issues and for making sure their communities are well informed before hitting the voter’s box since the start of PEG and community access programming. Community media centers often serve as the only source of local news and information, according to a January 2013…Read more >