Category: Live Streaming

Kyle Kast

VieBit Stats and Google Analytics
By Kyle Kast

Streaming video has long been accepted as a great way to reach an audience outside of traditional broadcast media, but how can you gauge what videos are getting the most attention? With VieBit®, there are a number of native statistics options that let users with the right privileges track things like video-on-demand and live stream…Read more >

Sara Mason

Introducing VieBit 2.0
By Sara Mason

At LEIGHTRONIX, our products are continually updated and improved over time as needs change and the industry evolves. Since the inception of VieBit®, our flagship streaming service, we have regularly implemented changes based on customer feedback. Now, after months of hard work, our engineers have completed a host of new features for VieBit. The exciting…Read more >

Sara Mason

Differences Between PEG Central and VieBit
By Sara Mason

At LEIGHTRONIX, we strive to be reactive to customer responses and suggestions. For years we’ve offered PEG Central®, an extremely popular video-on-demand (VOD) service for our customers. Since launching the service, we’ve received numerous suggestions for better supporting the evolving needs of PEG Central users. Now all of that research and development has led us…Read more >

Marketing Expert

Using the Customizable Features of VieBit™ to Represent your Brand
By Marketing Expert

Today’s media-rich culture can sometimes be a little overwhelming, but along with more forms of content come more opportunities for branding. Representing your organization, whether on the web, through print communication, or broadcast on cable, is an extremely important and effective way to encourage the public to take interest. Our advanced streaming solution, VieBit, not…Read more >

Aaron Todd

When to Choose High, Main, and Baseline While Encoding H.264
By Aaron Todd

Many current and forthcoming LEIGHTRONIX products with H.264 encoding provide the ability for users to choose the video profile that best suits a given stream. In other words, these products allow users to choose between High, Main, and Baseline H.264 encoding compression capabilities. An H.264 profile more or less defines which bells and whistles the…Read more >