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Marketing Expert

Warn Viewers of Inclement Weather Using WebNEXUS
By Marketing Expert

Winter is upon us and with that so is inclement weather. Warn your audience of upcoming severe weather alerts by using WebNEXUS™, the LEIGHTRONIX NEXUS® series web interface messaging system. By logging into the WebNEXUS interface and selecting “Messaging,” you can choose from one of many preloaded graphics to display with your text at the bottom of…Read more >

John Gonzalez

Quickly Tailor Your WinLGX Interface to Highlight Your Organization
By John Gonzalez

Within the WinLGX™ software, you can tailor the interface to your organization by customizing labels and buttons for a more intuitive user experience. Replace the default labels on your schedule channel tabs by clicking the “System Configuration” folder (1), and then “Switch” on the “Resource View” panel (2), and then use the “Properties View” panel…Read more >

John Gonzalez

Previewing and Trimming Made Easy With Latest WinLGX Update
By John Gonzalez

View a Video Recap of These New Features Hosted by John Gonzalez The three new video features provided in our latest update to the WinLGX™ scheduling software for the NEXUS® series and E-HD2™ video servers have already proven to be popular for users. The free software release (WinLGX v provided added functionality, makes trimming…Read more >

Scott Morrison

12 Techniques for NEXUS Series Video Server Users to Maximize Their Workflows
By Scott Morrison

At the heart of every broadcast station is its video server and our NEXUS® series video servers are powering thousands of access centers around the nation, providing its users with a station-in-a-box. Our customers first look to NEXUS series servers for a reliable solution to store, automate, and distribute their video files, but soon find…Read more >

David Leighton

Energy Efficient Technology – The Hidden Benefits That Are Right Before Your Eyes
By David Leighton

For decades now, concerns regarding energy efficiency have been a part of a conversation that reaches from the individual through business and local government, all the way to international levels. When it comes to energy efficient technology in the industrial and broadcast video industry, most manufacturers have primarily been focused on portable devices toward the…Read more >