Sara Mason

Differences Between PEG Central and VieBit
By Sara Mason

At LEIGHTRONIX, we strive to be reactive to customer responses and suggestions. For years we’ve offered PEG Central®, an extremely popular video-on-demand (VOD) service for our customers. Since launching the service, we’ve received numerous suggestions for better supporting the evolving needs of PEG Central users. Now all of that research and development has led us to a fantastic new product that is completely replacing PEG Central, VieBit™. If you’re one of the lucky customers to recently switch over from PEG Central to VieBit, I can assume you’re already familiar with some of the new advancements. For those of you still using the earlier service, don’t worry, every PEG Central customer will soon be upgraded for free. In either case, here are some exciting new features to explore:

Live_and_VODLive Streaming and VOD, Together at Last

In the past, your LEIGHTRONIX live streams and VOD files were displayed on separate websites. PEG Stream™ was our previous live streaming service that offered a separate URL for each live stream. However, every additional stream needed a whole different flat-rate subscription regardless of how often it was used. With VieBit, live stream feeds have been integrated in one website, providing a single home for all of your VOD files and live streams. Pricing is based on bandwidth, meaning you only pay for the estimated bandwidth you plan on using, making streaming packages even more affordable than before.

Custom Website and Branding Options

Included with every VieBit subscription is a website to make your own. Both the header images and URL can be customized to your liking, providing a space for whatever best represents your organization. Also new to the front end of the site is a fantastic feature known as sponsor messages.

BrandingIn PEG Central, many customers began using their header at the top of the page as a way to broadcast community events, channel updates, and even showcase sponsors. In response to this, we included spaces for optional messages to the side of the screen that allow for the inclusion of additional information or graphics aside from site branding elements that can be displayed in the header. For more information on site branding and how to incorporate it, see our earlier blog post “Using the Customizable Features of VieBit to Represent Your Brand.”

Standard and High Definition

Both PEG Central and PEG Stream provided standard definition video. Now, in addition to SD, VieBit supports high definition video. For years, due to available technology and cable channel accessibility, PEG content has primarily been in SD. However, HD cameras and HD broadcast workflows have become more common place, modifying the needs of PEG access broadcasters. Even those that can’t broadcast in HD yet can now stream in high definition with VieBit.

User-Friendly Sorting Options

Video sorting in PEG Central was effective, but limited. With VieBit, however, there are a number of additional sorting options right on the front page even before going into administrator-defined folders.


Clicking on the small arrows next to highlighted categories lets users organize VOD files by date added, date created, and alphabetical order based on a video’s title. Clicking on the arrows again changes organization from ascending to descending order. This provides an easy and user-friendly way to find the content viewers are searching for.

Downloadable Video Files

DownloadA somewhat small, but fundamentally different feature from PEG Central to VieBit is the optional ability for viewers to download and embed video files. When enabled by the administrator, any VOD viewer can download a video from VieBit, or embed one on another site. After selecting a VOD file to play from the front page, clicking the “download” button within that video’s open player window downloads the file to the viewer’s computer. Clicking the “embed” button on the same screen provides the viewer with the html code needed to embed the video file into another website.

In addition to being an evolution of LEIGHTRONIX streaming solutions, providing the reliability and innovation customers have come to expect, VieBit has largely been driven by customer feedback. At LEIGHTRONIX, we listen to what our customers have to say, and those responses provide further innovation for future products. Even now, our engineers are hard at work creating additional features and functionality for VieBit to further enhance each viewer’s experience. Follow us on Twitter, subscribe to our newsletter, or keep an eye on the blog for further news on VieBit updates. Click here for a VieBit demo site if you would like to experience the service first hand.

Sara, a vital member of the LEIGHTRONIX sales team for over 13 years, manages the inside sales team and works on key accounts. She has also provided the invaluable service of regular webinars, teaching both customers and dealers how to best utilize LEIGHTRONIX products and services.

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