Eric Bierstetel

Expand Your Audience Using the IncodeX One for Remote Event Coverage
By Eric Bierstetel

One trend LEIGHTRONIX has witnessed over the last few years is the increasing need to broadcast and/or stream large community events. Communities and event holders are looking for ways to expand their audience beyond those physically at the event, and are looking for affordable and effective methods to accomplish that. Recently, LEIGHTRONIX was approached by the City of Holland to do a live broadcast and stream of their annual Tulip Time Festival and by Northwestern Michigan College (NMC) to help with a Point-to-Multipoint broadcast at the annual TEDx Traverse City (TEDxTVC) event.

With the recent release of our IncodeX One Point-to-Point solution, covering large scale events at remote locations is being done with greater quality and ease than ever before.

Our Point-to-Point solution allows users to stream a remote event by feeding the video signal into the IncodeX One, which encodes the video for a Point-to-Point broadcast. The IncodeX One delivers the video stream over a dedicated LAN/WAN to a high quality decoder which decodes the H.264 video and displays it live on a computer, tablet, or smartphone for personal viewing or on a large projection screen for larger audiences.

While conducting a Point-to-Point broadcast with the IncodeX One, users can also opt to expand their reach beyond the designated display locations by PEGcasting the event on their cable channel by utilizing the PEGvault-SD and any NEXUS® series video server, and by live streaming the event using the PEGstream-SD2 streaming encoder and PEG Stream live streaming service.

The Holland Tulip festival and TEDxTVC are both typical examples of how using the IncodeX One as part of a broadcast system for complete remote event coverage can greatly expand audiences. Below, each event’s system design is described to illustrate how the IncodeX One works in real world scenarios.

2014 Tulip Time Festival

At the Tulip Time Festival, Holland Cable Television (HCTV) had numerous cameras which were fed into a production switcher. The switcher then provided an HD-SDI video feed with embedded audio to the IncodeX One. The IncodeX One encoded the video as high quality H.264 video and delivered the high-definition video stream over the city’s network to a decoder at the civic center. The result was a live, Point-to-Point HD broadcast of the stream on a large screen for citizens to watch indoors at the civic center.

While the IncodeX One encoded the video for a live Point-to-Point broadcast, HCTV delivered the content to those outside of the civic center as well, using the feed from the production switcher and sending it to a PEGvault-SD to initiate a PEGcast™. After one minute of video was recorded, the PEGvault-SD began sending the resulting file to the UltraNEXUS at HCTV’s headquarters via the city’s network. The UltraNEXUS began a Next to Live™ broadcast of the festival on the station’s two broadcast channels after receiving one minute of recorded video.

While the UltraNEXUS was performing the Next to Live broadcast, it simultaneously passed the video and audio to the PEGstream-SD2 for conversion to a live stream that was delivered to the city’s website through the PEG Stream live streaming service from LEIGHTRONIX. By doing this, HCTV was able to broadcast the event to those within its broadcast service area and stream the event live to viewers around the world.

Tulip Time Festival 2014

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2014 TEDxTVC

In 2013, TEDxTVC attracted an audience that was too large for the Milliken Auditorium in the Dennos Museum of NMC, creating a necessity for a live Point-to-Point broadcast to a secondary location, the State Theatre in downtown Traverse City. Expanding on that success, NMC decided to have five remote locations in 2014. NMC once again utilized the IncodeX One from LEIGHTRONIX to accomplish this task, this time coupling it with multiple high quality decoders to cover each location.

NMC stationed an IncodeX One at the live event in the Milliken Auditorium. At each of the five remote locations, the State Theatre, Scholars Hall, Traverse City Central High School, Traverse City West High School, and a small theater in the Dennos Museum, NMC placed a high quality decoder.

NMC had numerous cameras at the event in the Milliken Auditorium feeding high-definition video into the production switcher which then routed the live video feed into the IncodeX One. The IncodeX One then encoded the video to a high quality H.264 file for a Point-to-Multipoint broadcast and delivered the stream to the decoders over a fiber network at an incredibly efficient 6Mbps. The decoders then displayed the video on their respective screens with stunning quality. By utilizing the IncodeX One’s Point-to-Multipoint capabilities, NMC was able to provide live broadcasts of the TEDxTVC event to viewers in five locations, rather than being restricted by the available space of the Milliken Auditorium.

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Eric Bierstetel oversees daily operations at LEIGHTRONIX, where he has been employed for over 15 years. In his time with the company, Eric has been significantly involved with both customers and dealers, sales and system design, and has experience in almost every facet of the LEIGHTRONIX business.

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