Sara Mason

Increasing Capabilities by Sharing the Cost
By Sara Mason

Sharing a broadcast channel is becoming more of a common practice among municipalities and other local entities such as schools. It makes sense because by sharing a channel you also share the burden of cost and content.

Utilizing the PEGvault-SD™ digital media encoder, communities can act as remote stations that contribute local event coverage and other video content to a centrally located NEXUS® series video server. The NEXUS series video server can receive the content contributed from multiple PEGvault-SDs and schedule the playback accordingly, making channel sharing simple and cost-effective.

The PEGvault-SD, which is the piece of equipment each community would own, captures video and audio from a live feed, the robotic digital video cameras of a PolyOptix® multi-camera control system, or another video source. The PEGvault-SD can then send the video file to a variety of destinations. The already recorded file can be transferred to a NEXUS series video server for scheduled playback or sent to PEG Central® for video-on-demand streaming. The PEGvault-SD can also begin the file transfer to a NEXUS series server while the video is still being recorded for a Next to Live broadcast called PEGcasting™. The video signal can also be passed through the PEGvault-SD then routed to the PEGstream-SD2™ live streaming media encoder to be encoded for live streaming using the PEG Stream™ service.

Communities who share a cable channel can create a unique identity independent of a shared channel by investing in their own PEG Stream live streaming service or PEG Central web hosting and video-on-demand site. An individualized website affords a community the opportunity to showcase programming solely from their community with unique branding as opposed to the logos used by a collective channel.

Saving money by sharing a channel and a NEXUS series video server can also free up money for other features. Because the PEGvault-SD is the centerpiece of PolyOptix, this is a simple and affordable addition to the multi-community contribution workflow. PolyOptix combines the PEGvault-SD with multi-camera control and smooth camera transitions. A PolyOptix system can be controlled by a single operator, on-site or remotely, providing a convenient and affordable video capture and transfer solution that does not compromise video quality. Once the video is captured, it can be transferred from the PEGvault-SD to the NEXUS series video server for broadcasting and/or to your individual streaming site.

Transferring video content from a community’s local PEGvault-SDs to a centralized NEXUS series video server is simple. The PEGvault-SD and NEXUS series video server communicate through file transfer protocol (FTP). This means no physical transport is needed and all the files can be easily sent digitally from the remote locations to the centralized video server, where they can be added to the schedule for playback.

With the multi-community contribution setup, sharing a channel is simple, affordable, and feature rich. With this configuration, communities can share the burden of cost and content generation; additionally, with numerous variations and opportunities for individualization and customization, sharing a channel does not have to mean sharing an identity.

Sara, a vital member of the LEIGHTRONIX sales team for over 13 years, manages the inside sales team and works on key accounts. She has also provided the invaluable service of regular webinars, teaching both customers and dealers how to best utilize LEIGHTRONIX products and services.

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