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@LEIGHTRONIX: Not What We Ate for Lunch
By Marketing Expert

In conjunction with our company blog and as part of our leap into social media in 2013, LEIGHTRONIX started a company TwitterĀ® page. To start 2014 we want to bring your attention to this valuable resource and give you an idea of what you can expect if you follow us on Twitter. Do we use Twitter to promote our products? Sure, occasionally. But we also constantly strive to use it as a new avenue to provide resources and information to our customers in an unintimidating and fun 140 characters or less. Below you will find a number of ways we utilize our twitter page, with examples of real past Tweets. These Tweets are perfect examples of how we use social media to make our resources readily available to you, in a space you already use.

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Office Closings

At LEIGHTRONIX we’re proud of the fact that we utilize social media as a tool for you, as opposed to a promotional tool for ourselves. Also, we understand that no one likes to follow someone who fills their Twitter feed with numerous Tweets a day. With this in mind, we Tweet conservatively so we don’t clog your twitter feed. We encourage you to interact with us through Twitter to get the most out of this resource. Feel free to Tweet at us or Direct Message us and we will get back to you quickly with the answers, resources, and any other information you need. Additionally, you can continue to utilize our free support by emailing or calling us toll free at (800) 243-5589.

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