John Gonzalez

Managing Multiple Channels is No Problem with LEIGHTRONIX
By John Gonzalez

Managing multiple channels is no problem with LEIGHTRONIX servers and the WinLGX management software. Use these quick steps to configure your set-up for the ability to log in to multiple servers and have instant access to all of your LEIGHTRONIX powered channels in one location.

In WinLGX, click the “Tools” menu and select “User Accounts”. Click the “Add” button to create a new user for your LEIGHTRONIX server and then assign rights and privileges as needed. Click “Ok” and close the window when finished. Click the “Tools” menu again, this time selecting “Controller…” Enter a label in the “Site Name” field for your NEXUS and click the “Set” button immediately to the right when finished. Lastly, close the “Controller…” window.

Next, open the “Site Manager…” from the “Tools” menu and log into the next LEIGHTRONIX server, repeating the steps above to create the exact same user account. Do this for each LEIGHTRONIX server you need access to and when completed you will be able to log in to all of your LEIGHTRONIX servers with the same user name and password. (Note: simply hold the “Ctrl” key on your keyboard while selecting multiple servers in the “Site Manager…” window.)

Managing Multiple Servers









Locating the Channels You’ve Added Within WinLGX
When you’ve completed the above steps, each server will have its own tab at the top of WinLGX allowing you to move quickly from one server to the next when managing multiple schedules.

Server Tabs







John manages the daily operations of the LEIGHTRONIX Technical Support team and coordinates software and firmware testing and releases. He also troubleshoots analog and digital video systems, provides software support, and handles TCP/IP networking.

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