Sara Mason

The More Output Types, the Better
By Sara Mason

No one can deny that the video landscape has changed significantly in the last several decades. Audiences of all ages are consuming media in different ways. It’s true that the nation’s youth is gravitating toward streaming media, but broadcast television is still a major player in the video world, filling video needs across all generations of viewers. Current trends of viewing habits tell us that broadcast television won’t be dying out, but streaming video is becoming more and more popular at the same time. That’s not to mention things like special events, or potential in-person audience needs, which can also play a role in an organization or community’s video necessities. There are certainly overlapping audiences with these different, potential video workflows, but each one represents an opportunity to reach more people. Now in our current technological landscape, the only way to truly reach everyone is to offer a buffet of viewing options. Normally this requires a whole slew of encoders and recorders, but luckily we happen to make one affordable product that does it all: the IncodeX Vier®.


Scheduled Broadcast

Regardless of streaming video’s seemingly endless upward mobility, broadcast television is still the number one source of media consumption for adults 18 and up. A number of individuals may be cutting cords, but there is a huge base of loyal television watchers who certainly spill over into PEG Access viewers. If your audience is community based and diverse (as most are), a broadcast video workflow is a must. Luckily, one of the four output types for the IncodeX Vier is specifically oriented to broadcast. When recording an event or scheduled program, the IncodeX Vier automatically generates a broadcast-quality file that can be sent to any UltraNEXUS-HD™ series video server for scheduled playback.

Live and Video-on-Demand Streaming

Streaming has become a heavy hitter when it comes to how we digest our video content. According to Nielsen, media viewership on mobile devices and computers has significantly increased from 2015 to 2016, with media consumption in general on the rise. This has been a growing trend for several years now. Regardless of your audience, a streaming video workflow is only going to help expand your reach. Many LEIGHTRONIX customers, like Leon County, FL, have tacked on a streaming video workflow alongside their broadcast channel to do just this. Live streaming city council meetings, special events, or news programs can push your message out to any non-traditional viewers, especially those more likely to view content on mobile devices. The IncodeX Vier easily sends live streams to our VieBit® streaming service, which in turn pushes that stream out to a worldwide audience on desktops and popular mobile devices. What’s more, the IncodeX Vier can upload video-on-demand files at the same time to VieBit, making things like live events available for future viewing.

Live Point-to-Point Broadcast

Speaking of live events, what happens when a  physical audience is too big for a venue? Any person turned away at the door is a lost opportunity for whatever message an organization or community is trying to send. Oftentimes this isn’t necessarily a space issue; audience members could just as easily have trouble getting into primary facilities due to physical ability, parking, or any number of reasons. With the addition of a decoder, the IncodeX Vier can create a live point-to-point broadcast to a completely separate area across a campus, community, country, or around the world. The size and location of your venue doesn’t have to limit the audience you can directly appeal to.

Scheduled broadcast, live streaming, video-on-demand streaming, and live point-to-point broadcast: all of these methods of pushing content out to your audience are effective on their own.  However, using them together will not only increase viewership by the numbers, but offer new ways to reach people on their level, providing a viewing method that works for them. The IncodeX Vier can do all of these things simultaneously, without the need for multiple encoders. For more information on how multiple output types can help get your message out, contact our Sales Department at (800)243-5589.

Sara, a vital member of the LEIGHTRONIX sales team for over 13 years, manages the inside sales team and works on key accounts. She has also provided the invaluable service of regular webinars, teaching both customers and dealers how to best utilize LEIGHTRONIX products and services.

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