Kyle Kast

NAB in Retrospect
By Kyle Kast

NAB has been a pretty big deal for us at LEIGHTRONIX for quite some time. We’ve gone out West for the show for over twenty years, providing our evolving products, services, and business with every passing year.

For NAB Show 2016, I was given the privilege of joining my more experienced coworkers in Las Vegas to experience the trade show first hand. It’s an interesting event, full of some of the most impassioned individuals in the industry piled into booths of their own making.NAB

Even though “sin city” doesn’t seem like the most auspicious place for a good, wholesome broadcasting expo, it’s kind of the perfect location for something of this nature. With excess flashing lights, cameras everywhere, and digital signage multiple stories high, I couldn’t think of a better place for NAB to hold their flagship trade show. Those of us attending arrive surrounded by facets of our industry, from the IPTV systems in our hotel rooms, to the live streamed events filling expo centers and casinos throughout the strip; this place truly is a broadcast mecca.

Enough about Vegas; it’s a fantastically glitzy and unique city, but I didn’t head out there for a tour of gift shops and casinos. I came with a number of my coworkers to do what we basically do every day at our jobs: discuss LEIGHTRONIX products with individuals from all over North America (albeit in a very different atmosphere from mid-Michigan). After doing this day in and day out for the duration of NAB, I have several key observations:

The event is huge (wear comfortable shoes)

One of the first glaringly obvious things I encountered on the show floor was that the Las Vegas Convention Center is tremendously large … and the 12-dollar inserts I bought for my shoes would wear out in a matter of hours.

Before the complete deterioration of the only thing keeping my feet from falling off, I took a moment to walk the show floor. In the single hour I had taken to break away from the booth, I only covered half of one wing of the convention center.

Keeping this in mind, it really says a lot about our visitors. We had a record number of guests and customers drop by the LEIGHTRONIX booth over the course of this year’s NAB Show. All of whom surely suffered the same fate as my ill-begotten toes, yet they used up some of that valuable foot energy on us.crowd

NAB Show, in all of its glory, is also an incredibly exhausting event for exhibitors and guests alike. This made the sheer amount of our visitors so much more meaningful and indicative of the relationship we have with our customers. For those that stopped by: we certainly appreciate the effort taken to see us.

The UltraNEXUS-HD Blade was an absolute hit!

The UltraNEXUS-HD Blade™ was a real showstopper for our booth. There were a number of visitors arriving specifically to see the unit in action, but the device itself is admittedly quite stunning. One four rack unit containing as many as 12 smaller units operating as individual channels, all with their own front panel displays, really draws in a crowd. Even those who may not have known the device’s use couldn’t help but comment on it. We went as far as including the board (which is beautiful in its own right) of the UltraNEXUS-HD Blade on its own stand above the unit, adding to the already plentiful eye candy.ultranexus-hd

Above the display, a screen displayed multiple instances of TOTAL INFO-HD™ playing from the many channels operating off of the UltraNEXUS-HD Blade. This happened to be one of the first times we were given the opportunity to properly show off the possibilities garnered by both products to the fullest extent. It was really quite marvelous. I had to stop myself from taking pictures of the display instead of the rest of the booth.

Our customers love us just as much as we love them

I’m grateful for my position within the Marketing Department here at LEIGHTRONIX. It allows me to encounter and interview a number of enthusiastic LEIGHTRONIX customers. With that in mind, I wasn’t prepared for the outpouring of support from every angle. It’s one thing writing about the inspiring individuals who use our products to enrich their communities or organizations. It’s another to meet these individuals in droves.

Now, safely back in Michigan, far away from the insanity of Las Vegas, I find myself sitting with a greater appreciation of what we do. There is a significant amount of good that comes from our business; I’ve written about it before, but seeing the effects of that good really puts things into perspective.

Thank you to everyone who visited us at NAB. I know it was a long journey for some, and there are a lot of distractions out on the show floor, but you made it. Hopefully you were able to see some new products and services that might help your workflow, or maybe you finally got a chance to meet one of our representatives in person after months of phone and email engagement. In any case, we’re happy you stopped by. See you next year!

Kyle handles a number of communication-based responsibilities at LEIGHTRONIX from social media to proofing manuals. He holds an MA in English from Northern Arizona University and has years of experience teaching college writing and technical communication.

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