Scott Morrison

One Stop Shop
By Scott Morrison

When looking for a broadcast video server, there are two ways to go. You can piece together a system using multiple companies and products to create a unique system or go with an all-in-one (AIO) approach: a station-in-a-box.

Often, the hardest part of finding your video server solution is knowing where to begin. Without an in-depth knowledge of video servers, it can be difficult to compile a system that meets your needs and fits your budget. Lines have to be drawn, separating what you need, what you want, and what would go unused. LEIGHTRONIX has found going through this process just once with an AIO approach is much easier on our customers and takes less of their time. With the convenience of purchasing one box, you can quickly get everything you need.

Not only does the AIO approach enable you to get back to your work more quickly, but it allows you to do so feeling better about your purchase. When putting a unique system together with various pieces and add-ons, it can be easy to end up going over budget. The entry price is very attractive but in order to get all the functionality you want, you can end up adding feature after feature until the system is out of your budget.

A one-box solution also provides reliability and peace of mind not found in solutions with multiple parts. Instead of worrying about the maintenance and upkeep of numerous pieces, any of which could shut down your entire operation, there is just one box to maintain, and one company to work with should anything need extra support.

Having a single box also means you and your staff would not have to become familiar with multiple products, workflows, or interfaces. An AIO video server acts as a station-in-a-box, allowing you to control everything from one place, using just one interface. Also the single box would eliminate compatibility issues. Since everything was designed to work together, you don’t have to worry about cross compatibility as you would with multiple products.

In many industries, the biggest draw to a single box solution is space. Rack space is very valuable and generating a custom solution would mean multiple boxes, all of which would take up rack space. Since rack space is at a premium, the less space a system uses the better.

The NEXUS series is the video server line from LEIGHTRONIX that takes the AIO approach. LEIGHTRONIX has chosen to manufacture AOI servers because we have found there are many advantages to this approach, including convenience, affordability, reliability, space, ease-of-use, and guaranteed compatibility. Plus, LEIGHTRONIX offers a free five year warranty and free support for the life of our NEXUS series video servers.

LEIGHTRONIX understands the draw to designing a unique system is the ability to customize it to fit your specific needs, providing you with all the features you need and none of the ones you don’t. To combat this, LEIGHTRONIX has worked to include as much as possible in an affordable video broadcast server. Most of the products in the NEXUS series come with dual video encode and decode (record/playback) functionality, emergency messaging, graphic text overlay, digital video slide creation, virtual channel options for each channel, WinLGX user interface, and the ability to push your video content to an individual’s online video-on-demand site. While some of the features may go unused, depending on your needs, they don’t take up any extra rack space.

When creating our products and determining whether to take the AIO path or completely customizable path, LEIGHTRONIX looked at which would be better for our customers. Choosing the AIO approach, LEIGHTRONIX strives to make your video server search easy and affordable, while exceeding performance expectations.

Scott has been managing sales at the national level for over seven years at LEIGHTRONIX. With 25-plus years of experience in the professional video market, Scott’s primary responsibilities include establishing and maintaining dealer distribution channels.