Sara Mason

Introducing VieBit 2.0
By Sara Mason

At LEIGHTRONIX, our products are continually updated and improved over time as needs change and the industry evolves. Since the inception of VieBit®, our flagship streaming service, we have regularly implemented changes based on customer feedback. Now, after months of hard work, our engineers have completed a host of new features for VieBit. The exciting…Read more >

Aaron Todd

Aspect Ratio vs. Video Resolution
By Aaron Todd

As anyone involved in the broadcast industry will tell you, the terminology used in this business is expansive. With great leaps made in video technology over the last few decades, it can be difficult to fully understand what specific concepts are referring to, especially as they evolve over time. This post is all about two…Read more >

Kyle Kast

What is a Video File, Really?
By Kyle Kast

Ever wonder what’s really going on in your video files? Have a couple minutes to kill? Watch our short informational video and find out.   For more information specifically relating to video files, consider checking out John’s article, “Do You Really Have Enough Bandwidth to Stream Video,” and Aaron’s piece on “The Hidden Benefits of…Read more >

Sara Mason

Hardware Encoding: The Best Choice for Broadcasting and Streaming
By Sara Mason

As John mentioned at the end of his article a couple of months ago the way in which video is encoded can have profound effects on quality and the overall effectiveness of broadcast workflows. This is absolutely true, but for anyone regularly managing a channel or operating live streams, the platform of encoding is especially important.…Read more >