John Gonzalez

Previewing and Trimming Made Easy With Latest WinLGX Update
By John Gonzalez

View a Video Recap of These New Features Hosted by John Gonzalez

The three new video features provided in our latest update to the WinLGX™ scheduling software for the NEXUS® series and E-HD2™ video servers have already proven to be popular for users. The free software release (WinLGX v provided added functionality, makes trimming more efficient, and previewing video clips easier.

Below I have described three major new features and provided screen captures so you can see exactly how these features can be accessed and used within the WinLGX software.

Confidence Monitor—

The confidence monitor applies to the NEXUS series and E-HD2 server’s broadcast MPEG recorders and allows users to view recorded content. Essentially, the confidence monitor is a way for users to make sure they are recording exactly what they intended to. Users can set the confidence monitor delay to as little as five seconds, or up to as many as 90 seconds. After the specified delay, the recorded video will play in a preview monitor window, while the server continues to carry out the recording. With this new capability, users can monitor the video quality of the event being captured and ensure there are no other issues during the recording as opposed to after, when it may be too late.

Confidence Monitor

Instant Video Preview—

The instant video preview feature is a way for NEXUS series and E-HD2 users to quickly preview content within the WinLGX scheduling software, ensuring they are selecting the right content in the right places. It offers a quick and easy way to double check that you’re selecting the program you had in mind, which sometimes is not easy to tell from a program’s title alone. The preview monitor can be conveniently accessed in three locations in the new version of WinLGX.

The preview monitor window has intuitive and easy to use controls that provide the ability to scrub through the video or jump to different sections of the video so users can quickly view video content.

Instant Video Preview

NEXUS Series Video Clip Editor—

Once digital video content has been added to a NEXUS series video server, users are able to preview and trim the video with the new WinLGX video clip editor. The preview monitor included on the video clip editor window allows users to set in and out points while viewing the video content in the WinLGX software. Without using an external monitor, users can scrub through content in the preview monitor and quickly find and set in and out points within the video, without interrupting the playback of NEXUS series MPEG players.

Video Clip Editor

Best of all, the WinLGX software update containing these three new and convenient capabilities is completely free and can be accessed by NEXUS series and E-HD2 users registered on the LEIGHTRONIX Support Center website. Simply go to, log in, click on your product, click the tab that says “Client Software,” and you should see the download link. Once you have the new software, refer to the NEXUS Series Manual or E-HD2 Manual to get up to speed on the new features available to you.

John manages the daily operations of the LEIGHTRONIX Technical Support team and coordinates software and firmware testing and releases. He also troubleshoots analog and digital video systems, provides software support, and handles TCP/IP networking.

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