John Gonzalez

Quickly Tailor Your WinLGX Interface to Highlight Your Organization
By John Gonzalez

Within the WinLGX™ software, you can tailor the interface to your organization by customizing labels and buttons for a more intuitive user experience.

Replace the default labels on your schedule channel tabs by clicking the “System Configuration” folder (1), and then “Switch” on the “Resource View” panel (2), and then use the “Properties View” panel to select an output and enter text in the “Label” field (3). The label will appear on the channel tab, and also apply to the WinLGX control panel switcher buttons. Use the “Description” field to enter more text providing additional information regarding the output.

WinLGX Example 1

Next, click the “Icon” field and open the icon library to put a graphical image on the control panel switcher panel.

WinLGX Example 2

The same steps can be applied to the input fields, granting operators instant recognition of sources they’re taking to air within the control panel.

WinLGX Example 3


John manages the daily operations of the LEIGHTRONIX Technical Support team and coordinates software and firmware testing and releases. He also troubleshoots analog and digital video systems, provides software support, and handles TCP/IP networking.

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