John Gonzalez

LEIGHTRONIX Tip: Save Scheduling Time With the Find and Replace Feature
By John Gonzalez

If you have an active broadcast station, scheduling video content can be a time consuming task. With the UltraNEXUS-HD® series and WinLGX™, however, it doesn’t have to be. An often overlooked WinLGX function that has been around since the earlier NEXUS® series is the find and replace feature. By using this feature, any video or slideshow can quickly be replaced with other same-formatted sources.

Say your schedule for Tuesday is practically identical to Thursday’s schedule except for two programs. With the find and replace feature, you can copy Tuesday’s schedule to Thursday and simply replace the necessary instances.

WinLGX Replace Feature

To quickly replace a same-formatted event:

  1. Log into your WinLGX software and head over to the Library View.
  2. Drag a same-format library resource event over the event you would like to replace. This will cause the Event Properties window to pop up.
  3. Click Replace at the bottom of the window, and then Yes under Replace this event?

What’s more, the same process can be applied to numerous instances of an event. Say you’ve just finished scheduling a whole week’s worth of programming and noticed that your city’s public service announcement, which shows multiple times a day, is missing its title slide. Merely generate a new library resource with the updated video, follow the instructions above, and this time select Channel under Replace All to replace every instance of the video on the selected output channel. Also available are options to replace all event instances for a day’s schedule, as well as all day and channel output tabs.

Replace All

The find and replace feature is a simple process, but it can save you hours of work. Keep it in mind the next time you’re scheduling with WinLGX.

John manages the daily operations of the LEIGHTRONIX Technical Support team and coordinates software and firmware testing and releases. He also troubleshoots analog and digital video systems, provides software support, and handles TCP/IP networking.

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