John Gonzalez

Scaling Your HD Signal With the UltraNEXUS-HD
By John Gonzalez

We have a number of customers excited to move on to HD broadcasting, but their cable providers are only offering the mandatory SD channels reserved for PEG access. With an expectation of broadcasting in an all-HD workflow in the near future, many have begun collecting the necessary components. Whether you’re preparing for an eventual HD channel, or want to start generating HD video content outside of traditional broadcasting means, LEIGHTRONIX has a fantastic solution for just these scenarios: automatic scaling.

UltraNEXUS-HD automatic scaling

UltraNEXUS-HD automatic scaling

With the UltraNEXUS-HD™, you can still create video in crisp HD quality while broadcasting on an SD station. HD video can be uploaded to VieBit®, our flagship streaming service, for your audience to enjoy on their multimedia devices. Meanwhile, anyone interested in viewing your content through traditional methods can still tune in to the SD channel. With its simultaneous, dual analog and HD-SDI outputs, any content you play can be scaled to 480i and 1080i. Best of all: this process is completely automatic. The UltraNEXUS-HD properly scales based on whatever output is used. Simply use a composite signal output and your HD signal will downscale automatically.

John manages the daily operations of the LEIGHTRONIX Technical Support team and coordinates software and firmware testing and releases. He also troubleshoots analog and digital video systems, provides software support, and handles TCP/IP networking.

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