Sara Mason

Using the Customizable Features of VieBit to Represent Your Brand
By Sara Mason

Today’s media-rich culture can sometimes be a little overwhelming, but along with more forms of content come more opportunities for branding. Representing your organization, whether on the web, through print communication, or broadcast on cable, is an extremely important and effective way to encourage the public to take interest.

Our advanced streaming solution, VieBit®, not only lets you stream live content and post video files on the web for on-demand viewing, but actually provides you with a customizable website and URL to present that content to your audience.

Site Name and URL

By choosing a hostname that best represents your organization, branding stays consistent with both the site’s title and the URL linked to that page. A personalized URL can remind users of your brand every time they type it into an address bar. In addition to naming options, there are several visual fields on the page that allow for further customization.

Custom URL, header, and website

Custom URL, header, and website


The header area is a good place to provide a title and logo for your page. In a BBC News interview, Robert Jones, a professor of branding at the University of East Anglia, explains that logos are signposts which “…help people find and identify your business.” A strong logo in the top header is sure to let your audience know they’ve come to the right place.

When creating your logo, or modifying a preexisting one, make sure you adhere to the size requirements for VieBit. Your site’s homepage is mobile responsive and the room allotted for a header changes depending on screen size. To account for this, VieBit allows for two separate headers: one for screen resolutions wider than 768px wide and one for resolutions smaller than that. Click on the Site Branding tab in your VieBit site’s administration portal and use the respective mobile and desktop fields to upload PNG or JPG files.

The larger header should be no larger than 500px by 50px. The smaller mobile header has a reduced size of 50px by 50px. In either version, remaining header space is populated with a solid color. Find the desired color to fill in remaining header space by clicking the small box next to Header Color and choosing it in the color picker that pops up. You may also directly type in a hex code in the same space if you know it. If both headers contain your logo, keep them consistent in style, as differences can be jarring to your audience and potentially confuse the brand.

Custom Wallpaper and Background

In addition to customized header branding, VieBit lets users upload their own image files to use as backgrounds. Simply go to the same place you uploaded header images and upload a PNG or JPG in the Page Wallpaper field. This image will be resized in real time depending on the size of the viewing screen, so an image with very high resolution is recommended. You may also choose a solid color for the background in the Background Color field in the same way you may have changed the color of your site’s header in the header field. Section headers can also be changed using the same methods.

Loads of branding options

Loads of branding options

Player Branding

When activated, VieBit allows for a small, branded image in the bottom left corner of a live or VOD stream. Simply upload a PNG or JPG image no larger than 50px by 50px at the Player Brand Logo field on the branding page to put your logo on any published video content available on your VieBit account. This ensures your brand is consistent even if you embed videos outside of your customized VieBit website. Adding a URL to the Player Brand Link field just below the player logo field on the same page will turn your logo into a clickable object; perfect for linking users back to your website.

Custom player logo

Video with custom player logo in the corner

Custom Poster

To directly customize any information on a specific stream, click the Live Streams tab on your VieBit administration portal. Since LEIGHTRONIX will have already linked your encoder with your VieBit account, you’ll be able to jump right into the customization process. Click Edit to open some customization options. The first step is to give your stream a name. Input a name that describes the type of content users will view on that channel. From that same edit screen add a poster image customized to your brand to greet users before selecting the stream; keeping image resolution at 1280×720 pixels ensures a crisp, un-pixelated poster image. On the homepage, your streams will scroll through at the top of the page, with a listing to the left. What’s more, each stream can have its own poster, opening up the possibilities of marketing your content.

Live streams on a VieBit homepage

Live streams on a VieBit homepage

Sponsor Messages

A popular feature with some unique functionality is the inclusion of individual branding areas on the right side of the VieBit homepage. Though this section is referred to as “Sponsor Messages,” and is well suited for sponsor information for those supporting your organization, it’s also a great place for announcements, event reminders, and further representation of your brand.

VieBit lets you set up any number of messages that will continually rotate between the panels on the right, rearranging every time a user accesses the site. Under the Sponsor Messages tab in the administration portal for your VieBit site, click +New in the top right corner (or edit if a message has already been created). You’ll be greeted with a plethora of customization options.

Sponsor messages

Create sponsor messages with ease

On this page, the specifics can be modified with ease; just make sure to keep your sponsor images within the 165×220 pixel limit for proper viewing. In addition to a name and URL for the message to link to, you can set an end date for the information. This feature would be useful for any of your messages that are not meant to run forever. For instance, let’s say you have a community picnic on the 15th of the month and you want your audience to know about it beforehand, but don’t have a need to keep the message up after the event’s date. You would set the start date prior to the event and the end date at the 16th. Doing so will automatically pull the message out of rotation after the event takes place. Clicking no end date will indefinitely leave the message in rotation. You can also leave a message pinned to the top, so that it remains in place no matter how many times the page is refreshed. The remaining messages’ placement will continue to rotate with every new pageview.

Branding your organization is a powerful way to encourage audience engagement. VieBit offers numerous opportunities to represent your brand and further your message. For more information about the VieBit HD/SD live and video-on-demand streaming solution from LEIGHTRONIX, visit the VieBit Product Page.

Sara, a vital member of the LEIGHTRONIX sales team for over 14 years, manages the inside sales team and works on key accounts. She has also provided the invaluable service of regular webinars, teaching both customers and dealers how to best utilize LEIGHTRONIX products and services.

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