Scott Morrison

The Value of a Strong Dealer Network
By Scott Morrison

For years, we have been totally committed to a network of talented, authorized dealers throughout North America to assist our customers and sell our products. However, to this day, many new customers question why we don’t sell LEIGHTRONIX products directly to them. When this question comes up, our answer is always a confident referral to a local authorized LEIGHTRONIX dealer. While we could certainly increase profit margins by selling directly, the added level of local support, experienced consultation, and total system integration from our professional AV partners is an invaluable component in our comprehensive customer care.


LEIGHTRONIX has long been recognized as the best in the industry when it comes to customer service before, during, and after a project’s completion. Our extensive dealer network offers significant local customer support and we use tools like webinars, product demos and training sessions, along with in-person informational luncheons in order to keep dealers up-to-date on our products and services.  Dealers often act as our brand ambassadors, presenting the same level of dedication and knowledge we strive to uphold at LEIGHTRONIX to our customers. Because of this, we spend significant time and resources keeping them informed and prepared to best serve the needs of our joint customers.

Authorized LEIGHTRONIX dealers work directly with customers answering any questions they may have concerning features, operations, and integration of products or services. We’ll often hold interactive WebEx® sessions over the internet with dealers and customers at the same time, brainstorming desired applications and hardware and/or services necessary to achieve the ideal, yet most cost effective, results. With hundreds of dealers selling our products throughout the United States and Canada, our customers are never far away from an AV professional trained on LEIGHTRONIX products.

What’s more, authorized LEIGHTRONIX dealers not only possess significant knowledge of LEIGHTRONIX products, they can properly consult customers on other aspects of their operations as well. It isn’t unusual for a project’s needs to extend well beyond items like television automation/video servers, internet streaming, encoders, and/or point-to-point video solutions provided by LEIGHTRONIX. Our dealers have a full complement of hardware resources available to them like cameras, monitors, routing switchers, computers, vertical racks, and consoles that may be crucial to specific video workflows. Along with hardware, local dealers typically provide consultation, installation, and training, virtually making them a one-stop shop for our customers.

AV Equipment

Many authorized LEIGHTRONIX dealers have been working with us for decades. There are three primary reasons for that longevity: reliable products, unsurpassed technical support, and mutual loyalty to our great partnership. On the product side, LEIGHTRONIX equipment is known throughout the industry as some of the most reliable equipment on the market. Because of this, dealers can be confident that they are providing their customers with peace of mind. LEIGHTRONIX purpose-built products are designed to last, often going strong years after the free 5 year warranty included with all standard LEIGHTRONIX products expires. In addition, our extremely knowledgeable LEIGHTRONIX Technical Support Staff is readily available for any questions from both dealers and customers.

Along with building some of the most reliable broadcast equipment on the market, we have always respected and supported our relationships with the dealers selling it. While other manufacturers might seek short-term monetary gains by selling certain dealer-authorized products and services directly to a customer, we recognize the long-term value added by our dealer network. In our viewpoint, the partnership with our dealers has been instrumental to our success for the past 36 years.

The teamwork between those of us at LEIGHTRONIX and our dealers has provided our customers with the optimum experience in sales and support. For decades, authorized LEIGHTRONIX dealers have helped our customers develop video workflows and acquire specialized equipment for their specific needs. We’ve been proud to be a part of those tens of thousands of workflows across North America, and look forward to being there for many years to come. Contact us at (800) 243-5589 or for information on authorized LEIGHTRONIX dealers near you.

Scott has been managing sales at the national level at LEIGHTRONIX for 10 years. With 30-plus years of experience in the professional video market, Scott’s primary responsibilities include establishing and maintaining dealer distribution channels.

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