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John Gonzalez

By John Gonzalez

Your computer at home has an HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) port, so does your television. Your mobile devices and cameras can have versions of HDMI ports as well. Walking into a broadcast studio, however, you’re more likely to run into HD-SDI (High-Definition Serial Digital Interface) connections on every piece of major video equipment. Anyone coming…Read more >

Aaron Todd

Aspect Ratio vs. Video Resolution
By Aaron Todd

As anyone involved in the broadcast industry will tell you, the terminology used in this business is expansive. With great leaps made in video technology over the last few decades, it can be difficult to fully understand what specific concepts are referring to, especially as they evolve over time. This post is all about two…Read more >

Kyle Kast

What Do You Do, Again?
By Kyle Kast

LEIGHTRONIX has an exceptionally diverse portfolio of products and services, going far beyond what originally started as a video equipment controller company. In addition to better serving customers in PEG access industries with enhanced workflows and innovations, the growth of the company and its products has been immensely satisfying for those of us working within…Read more >

Eric Bierstetel

4 Big Misconceptions About Streaming and Broadcasting Video
By Eric Bierstetel

In June alone, 33 billion videos were watched online by 180 million users . With so many individuals already implementing video into their everyday lives, it’s sometimes surprising to find organizations not already utilizing this technology. Part of this hesitancy comes from the rather daunting nature of new technology and all of the misconceptions that…Read more >

Scott Morrison

The Evolution of Television Delivery
By Scott Morrison

According to Nielsen, the average American watches 34 hours of TV a week, nearly as much time as one would dedicate to a full-time job. To find out how TV has become a major part of American life, this blog will take a look at the history of television, specifically its delivery methods as they’ve…Read more >