Scott Morrison

12 Techniques for NEXUS Series Video Server Users to Maximize Their Workflows
By Scott Morrison

At the heart of every broadcast station is its video server and our NEXUS® series video servers are powering thousands of access centers around the nation, providing its users with a station-in-a-box. Our customers first look to NEXUS series servers for a reliable solution to store, automate, and distribute their video files, but soon find…Read more >

Sara Mason

Enhancing a 24-Hour Broadcast Schedule with Supplemental Content
By Sara Mason

There are many challenges and obstacles facing those running a broadcast channel, not the least of which is coming up with 24 hours of content to broadcast each day. Filling the 24-hour schedule can be difficult for small, and even larger, broadcast stations and can also be extremely taxing on staff and resources. Recognizing this…Read more >