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Kyle Kast

What Do You Do, Again?
By Kyle Kast

LEIGHTRONIX has an exceptionally diverse portfolio of products and services, going far beyond what originally started as a video equipment controller company. In addition to better serving customers in PEG access industries with enhanced workflows and innovations, the growth of the company and its products has been immensely satisfying for those of us working within…Read more >

John Gonzalez

Previewing and Trimming Made Easy With Latest WinLGX Update
By John Gonzalez

View a Video Recap of These New Features Hosted by John Gonzalez The three new video features provided in our latest update to the WinLGX™ scheduling software for the NEXUS® series and E-HD2™ video servers have already proven to be popular for users. The free software release (WinLGX v provided added functionality, makes trimming…Read more >

Marketing Expert

@LEIGHTRONIX: Not What We Ate for Lunch
By Marketing Expert

In conjunction with our company blog and as part of our leap into social media in 2013, LEIGHTRONIX started a company Twitter® page. To start 2014 we want to bring your attention to this valuable resource and give you an idea of what you can expect if you follow us on Twitter. Do we use…Read more >

David Leighton

Building a Brand on Integrity
By David Leighton

So, you want to start a company? At first it all seems so easy. Identify a need, design and manufacture a product to fill that need, sell it, and pocket the cash. What could go wrong with that? Plenty! Often, what makes a company isn’t what it makes; instead, it’s how the company responds when the…Read more >