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John Gonzalez

Managing Multiple Channels is No Problem with LEIGHTRONIX
By John Gonzalez

Managing multiple channels is no problem with LEIGHTRONIX servers and the WinLGX management software. Use these quick steps to configure your set-up for the ability to log in to multiple servers and have instant access to all of your LEIGHTRONIX powered channels in one location. In WinLGX, click the “Tools” menu and select “User Accounts”. Click…Read more >

David Leighton

Energy Efficient Technology – The Hidden Benefits That Are Right Before Your Eyes
By David Leighton

For decades now, concerns regarding energy efficiency have been a part of a conversation that reaches from the individual through business and local government, all the way to international levels. When it comes to energy efficient technology in the industrial and broadcast video industry, most manufacturers have primarily been focused on portable devices toward the…Read more >