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John Gonzalez

Do You Really Have Enough Bandwidth to Stream Video?
By John Gonzalez

After reading Aaron Todd’s article on “The Surprising Benefits of 4K Technology” (or rather, the benefits of compressing video files), I realized that the need for small file sizes when streaming video warrants its own article. Broadcasters across the globe can all agree that digital video streaming (whether it’s live or video-on-demand) is here to…Read more >

Kyle Kast

What Do You Do, Again?
By Kyle Kast

LEIGHTRONIX has an exceptionally diverse portfolio of products and services, going far beyond what originally started as a video equipment controller company. In addition to better serving customers in PEG access industries with enhanced workflows and innovations, the growth of the company and its products has been immensely satisfying for those of us working within…Read more >

Sara Mason

Differences Between PEG Central and VieBit
By Sara Mason

At LEIGHTRONIX, we strive to be reactive to customer responses and suggestions. For years we’ve offered PEG Central®, an extremely popular video-on-demand (VOD) service for our customers. Since launching the service, we’ve received numerous suggestions for better supporting the evolving needs of PEG Central users. Now all of that research and development has led us…Read more >