Sara Mason

By Sara Mason

The HD version of our acclaimed TOTAL INFO® service will soon be released! TOTAL INFO has historically been an extremely popular subscription service that dynamically downloads content to the Virtual Channel for UltraNEXUS™ series video servers. All you have to do is schedule in a block of time for Virtual Channel to run, or allow the channel to fill in any gaps between programming.

Now with the UltraNEXUS-HD™, users will be able to subscribe to TOTAL INFO-HD™, which in addition to high definition graphics includes some significant upgrades to the SD service. Read on to see some examples of the fantastic content that will be available soon.


Along with local forecasts, TOTAL INFO-HD includes radar maps of weather patterns.


Keep viewers informed with national and international headlines, as well as focused topics on finance, technology, business, entertainment, and sports news.


Up-to-date traffic conditions for major metropolitan areas will keep your viewers safe for the roads ahead.


Every purchase of an UltraNEXUS-HD or UltraNEXUS-HD Blade™ comes with one free year of TOTAL INFO-HD. Please contact our sales department today at (800)243-5589 with any questions about this exciting new service.

Sara, a vital member of the LEIGHTRONIX sales team for over 13 years, manages the inside sales team and works on key accounts. She has also provided the invaluable service of regular webinars, teaching both customers and dealers how to best utilize LEIGHTRONIX products and services.

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