Kyle Kast

VieBit Stats and Google Analytics
By Kyle Kast

Streaming video has long been accepted as a great way to reach an audience outside of traditional broadcast media, but how can you gauge what videos are getting the most attention? With VieBit®, there are a number of native statistics options that let users with the right privileges track things like video-on-demand and live stream views. What’s more, Google Analytics users can link up their accounts for expanded audience and trend information.

VieBit Login

To access VieBit statistics, first log in to VieBit by clicking on the dropdown menu in the top right corner of your homepage. From there, click on “Site Administration” to access all of the administrative features of your VieBit account.

VieBit Dashboard

Note: Depending on your user privileges and VieBit package, this screen may look differently on your account.

Live Stats

For those live streaming with LEIGHTRONIX encoders, such as the IncodeX Vier® and IncodeX Stream™, the “Live Statistics” tab offers significant viewership information. Using the various date and time range menus, you can get a graphical representation of viewership over time. Hovering over the graph line gives more descriptive information as well. A full export of that data can be generated by clicking the “Export” button.

VieBit Live Statistics

Video-on-Demand Stats

Video-on-demand (VOD) files get the benefit of having two separate tabs full of stats. Like the “Live Statistics” tab, the “VOD Statistics” tab provides a graphical representation of viewers over a user-defined period of time. In addition to this, totals and averages are displayed, such as viewing duration or bandwidth use, as well as a listing of the most-viewed VOD files.

VieBit VOD Statistics

Along with the “VOD Statistics” tab, video-on-demand files have a whole page dedicated to in-depth viewer information. The “VOD Stream Log” tab offers viewing information for each individual viewer over user-defined ranges. See exactly how long your videos are being watched and find any repeat watchers. Clicking the “Full Export” button in the top right corner exports all available VOD stream data for users to sort and filter. What’s more, each individual VOD file has its own, dedicated streaming log located under the “VOD File Management” tab.

Google Analytics

For users with Google Analytics accounts, integrating the program with VieBit is as easy as copy and paste. First, you’ll need a “Tracking Id”. After logging into Google Analytics and declaring your VieBit site as a property, click on “Property Settings” to bring up a number of basic settings. One of the first items is a lengthy code for tracking stats. Copy it and log in to your VieBit account. Head to the “System Setup” tab and paste the code into the very first box at the top of the screen named “Google Analytics Integration” and click “Submit” at the bottom of the screen.

Google Analytics

From there, visiting Google Analytics and viewing your VieBit property will give the same range of audience information and trends that you would get with a full-fledged website. What’s more, enabling the “Page Analytics” button in Chrome gives you real-time visitor and clickthrough information while you’re browsing your favorite videos!

By viewing the stats described in this article, you can easily incorporate a marketing plan into your organization’s video efforts. Track what types of videos are most watched and what demographics are watching them. Use this data to keep your content fresh and applicable to your audience. If you haven’t checked it out already, read about all of the recent changes to VieBit and head to our sample site for a hands-on look.

Kyle handles a number of communication-based responsibilities at LEIGHTRONIX from social media to proofing manuals. He holds an MA in English from Northern Arizona University and has years of experience teaching college writing and technical communication.

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