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Warn Viewers of Inclement Weather Using WebNEXUS
By Marketing Expert

Winter is upon us and with that so is inclement weather. Warn your audience of upcoming severe weather alerts by using WebNEXUS™, the LEIGHTRONIX NEXUS® series web interface messaging system.

Emergency Messaging

By logging into the WebNEXUS interface and selecting “Messaging,” you can choose from one of many preloaded graphics to display with your text at the bottom of the screen.

Step 1. Select your graphic and enter text.

Once an image file is selected, a preview of the image appears in the upper right corner of the page.  Type your text in the “Message” area just below the preview pane. You’re given two lines of text per page for a total of 24 lines in 12 pages.

Special note: The ampersand (&) character is not supported within the message text. Please avoid using it to ensure proper display.

Step 2. Enter the duration of the message.

In the “Options” panel, select how many seconds each page of text is to be displayed. You can also select the duration of the event by entering the number of days, hours, and/or minutes in the “Event Duration” fields.

Secret tip: Entering all 0s in the “Event Duration” fields will cause the overlay message to display indefinitely.

Step 3. Activate the alert by clicking the Activate button. (shown below)  

Activate Button

This will open the “Activation Type” window where you select the severity of the alert.

Level 1 is the lowest severity type. Simply select an MPEG player and then click the “Activate” button.  Your message will be displayed only on that MPEG player/channel.

Level 2 displays your message with both MPEG players, ensuring both channels receive the alert.

Level 3 should be used  when all possible channels require the alert. Using the “Activate All” option for this level will cause MPEG Player 1 to display the alert and then switch it to all three NEXUS/UltraNEXUS outputs for the specified duration. More information is provided on the tab.

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