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Why Consistent Branding Matters and How LEIGHTRONIX Can Help
By Marketing Expert

One of the most important principles of marketing is branding. According to the American Marketing Association, branding is a “name, term, sign, symbol or design, or a combination of them intended to identify the goods and services of one seller or group of sellers and to differentiate them from those of other sellers.”

Some of the most successful brands in the country are instantly recognized and invoke an immediate connection to the product. The swoosh of Nike, the peacock of NBC, the G of Gatorade, and the bird of Twitter, connect customers to products without any confusion. These companies were able to achieve this through consistent and repetitive branding.

Branding is also very important in the world of broadcasting and streaming. As viewers flip through channels or browse the web, distinguishing one source from another can be difficult without the appropriate branding. In this post I’ll share examples of how LEIGHTRONIX customers can utilize some of the features we’ve provided in our products to make branding easy. The goal of this would be to brand their station or website to trigger an association. For instance, an educational access channel would want their viewers to recognize them as the place to go to get timely, accurate, and necessary information regarding their district. With a consistent display of branding on a broadcast channel or streaming site, viewers quickly realize they’ve come to the right place when looking for information.

LEIGHTRONIX understands that the brand our customers want to promote is their own, and not ours, so we have built in numerous ways our customers can utilize our products and services as tools to promote and brand themselves.

One of the most effective and professional looking features we offer with our NEXUS® series broadcast servers is the ability to add a bug overlay. As viewers flip through channels they may stop on our customer’s station when they see the content they are looking for, but without a bug they may not be aware of which station they are watching and therefore, would be less likely to return in the future. With the bug overlay, our customers can add their community’s or station’s logo to the corner of the broadcast, much like NBC and CBS do. Adding a bug overlay gives viewers a constant reminder that the channel they are watching is uniquely our customer’s, and brands the channel as the best place to go to find the community information they are looking for.


Our customers can also brand their streaming services. With the PEG Central® online video-on-demand and web hosting service, users have the ability to completely customize their site’s header, the site url, the web link, and the browser site title. By customizing these features, users can make their PEG Central site appear to be an extension of their website, rather than an external service. With popular free services like YouTube® or Vimeo®, viewers are watching user videos on what is clearly an external site, completely branded with YouTube or Vimeo graphics, and in most cases ads that are unrelated to the content. With PEG Central, viewers are watching the desired content on a unique page, giving the community or company full ownership over the way their brand is presented to their viewers. By branding their PEG Central site, viewers of their on-demand content immediately realize they’ve come to the right place to get the information they need.


Users can also embed videos from their LEIGHTRONIX streaming services in their own websites. Embedding the most recent PEG Central video into the company’s or community’s website allows our customers to share videos in a space that they have already branded. The on-demand videos of PEG Central are not the only videos LEIGHTRONIX allows users to embed within their own site. Users can also embed the live stream of the PEG Stream™ service. Whether they’ve set up a live video feed of a meeting or event, or provided a feed of their regular broadcast channel live on the Internet, embedding this feed allows users to put their live stream on any page within their already established website (click here to see an example). Viewers don’t have to navigate to another site to see the video content; they can stay on our customer’s site, providing them with easy access to related links because it is already housed under the host’s unique url.

Our comprehensive IPTV solutions, LuxeVision™ and LuxeVision ipMerge,  also provide the opportunity to easily brand throughout the middleware so that viewers can easily identify our customer’s brand on every navigation screen and channel. Using the included management interface, LuxeVision customers can add their watermark logo to video-on-demand content as well as regularly scheduled programming. Also, with the provided middleware, users can further customize the entire viewer experience by using HTML and PHP languages to modify colors, add graphics, change layouts, and practically any other onscreen attribute to better correlate their middleware with their brands. LuxeVision customers can even choose between a graphics or text-based user interface, delivering the type of interface they feel will best suit their viewers’ needs.


Branding plays a huge role in developing and keeping a relationship with customers. At LEIGHTRONIX we understand that it’s important to our customers to be able to brand their video content with their identities, rather than force the idea that they are utilizing LEIGHTRONIX to deliver their content. To support this effort, as we develop new products and resources for our customers, we’ll continue to provide features that allow our customers to easily incorporate their logos and brand identities whether they are broadcasting, streaming, or delivering content over an entire IPTV infrastructure.

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