Westminster Canterbury Richmond


“To me, it’s not just about the hardware; it’s about the people and support as well.”

— Joey Elswick
(Performing Arts Program Coordinator)

Richmond, VA — Alongside the notable art and culture of this historic, Virginian city is a pleasantly unique retirement community tucked away from the normal stresses of city life. Westminster Canterbury Richmond prides itself on giving its residents lives worth living, with events and activities suitable to a life enjoyed. Among the many facets of the active community is TV970, a closed-circuit cable channel run by Joey Elswick, the resident performing arts program coordinator.

CGOV LogoFor years before Joey arrived, TV970 used an old LEIGHTRONIX favorite, the NET-164™
controller, to manage their channel’s content. Though still perfectly functional, the system required a lot more regular manual input than he had time for. Having a background in production, Joey was familiar with LEIGHTRONIX products: “I just knew that we could do automation better, but I felt like LEIGHTRONIX was a product I was familiar with and something I wanted to continue working with.”

The first solution proposed to Westminster Canterbury Richmond was given by another company, but it wasn’t exactly ideal. Some of the more popular products aimed at retirement communities weren’t offering all of the functionality Joey, an experienced AV professional, needed. Their closed circuit SD cable station really needs a direct encoder/decoder for good visual quality. This, coupled with the need for live switching for some of Westminster Canterbury Richmond’s many events, made for some very specific needs. Joey would have needed to purchase a video encoder, live-switcher, plus some form of storage to fulfill the plethora of roles the retirement community uses TV970 for. Luckily, LEIGHTRONIX has a product that does everything Westminster Canterbury Richmond needs plus included scheduling software for superb automation.


Enter the UltraNEXUS™, an all-in-one video solution which provides encoding, decoding, storage, and an internal routing switcher all in the same place. WinLGX™, the advanced scheduling software included with all NEXUS® series video servers, offers efficient scheduling for all of Westminster Canterbury Richmond’s programming. Before the UltraNEXUS, someone would have to come into the studio every weekday to setup what was basically a PowerPoint slideshow. Now, Joey can go in on Thursday, create all of his slides and schedule programming for the week. No further intervention is necessary outside of live events.

Not only did the move from the NET-164 to an UltraNEXUS provide improved levels of automation, it also opened the doors to a greater wealth of information expressed to residents. Joey incorporates slides from TOTAL INFO® into regular programming. The service delivers dynamic, regularly updated video content, like weather and traffic, to channels run by NEXUS series servers. According to Joey, the service has been immensely popular with residents and staff alike. Some of the entertainment slides, like horoscopes, or “this day in history,” have been getting some great feedback.

J.P. Booth

“I will say that the ability to be able to shoot and record right into the UltraNEXUS and put it back on the air has made my life unbelievably easy.” — Joey Elswick

Live events are also fairly common at Westminster Canterbury Richmond. The Sara Belle November Theater regularly presents Broadway shows and guest speakers. Since the theater only houses 300 people, the other 600 residents are able to enjoy many of these events from anywhere within the community. In fact, theater attendance for town hall meetings has generally been a bit lower as of late, merely because a number of residents prefer to view events on TV970’s feed. In addition to the theater, the chapel broadcasts live pastoral care services several times a week. Thanks to an internal routing switcher included with the UltraNEXUS, Joey can switch to these events with ease, then drop back into regular programming when they’re finished.

The Future

The future of TV970 is certainly positive. A lot of Joey’s equipment is HD-ready, so he’s only one HD channel and an UltraNEXUS-HD™ away from greatly enhancing the channel’s video quality. Online video-on-demand and streaming services could also be in the cards for Westminster Canterbury Richmond, as well as a potential app-based intranet. More and more tech-savvy residents are checking into the community and since the staff at Westminster Canterbury Richmond strive to accommodate the members of their community as much as possible, further technical advancements will surely be added to their already burgeoning collection of activities, events, and amenities. Such technology is almost becoming an expectation as web-based applications become more accessible. LEIGHTRONIX responded to this with VieBit™, an online streaming and video-on-demand solution. Just as Westminster Canterbury Richmond fulfills its residents’ expectations, LEIGHTRONIX engineers products and software to align with customers’ needs.

Tech Support

It’s obvious Westminster Canterbury Richmond is doing a lot with their UltraNEXUS system. Working that video server day in and day out would definitely take its toll on any product, but Joey isn’t too concerned. The rare times he’s had to call tech support have all been positive experiences.

“The company feels small in a good way. It feels like you can interact with the support staff, and the sales staff; people are extremely accessible and extremely helpful. It’s been positive all the way around.” — Joey Elswick

At the end of the day, LEIGHTRONIX products have an excellent shelf life. Joey has the old LEIGHTRONIX NET-164 switcher hooked up to two DVD players as a backup for his current system. After all of these years, it’s still in working order.

J.P. Booth

The Cutaway

According to Joey, we at LEIGHTRONIX seem to have a lot in common with the Westminster Canterbury Richmond staff:

“We work in a customer service industry. At Westminster Canterbury, customer service is our number one priority and we’re really good at what we do. I feel the same way about LEIGHTRONIX. That to me is important; where you spend your money, who you invest with, they’re very important parts to a general, overall picture. Supporting the people who do things really well is important. That’s part of the reason why I will continually stick with LEIGHTRONIX because the product is solid, the customer service is solid, the tech support is solid, and it’s important to me to support other people who hold those same value systems.”

We pride ourselves on providing some of the most functional and reliable video software and products on the market and strongly support them after they’ve left our facilities. Just as Westminster Canterbury Richmond relies on the happiness of its residents to prosper, we exist as a company because our customers are content. There is a lot of truth to Joey’s words: “… Supporting the people who do things really well is important. …” Joey and Westminster Canterbury Richmond do things really well, and we're proud that our reliable and functional equipment contributes to that level of excellence.

The Problem

Westminster Canterbury Richmond needed a highly automated and reliable broadcast solution for their closed circuit television channel. Though their old LEIGHTRONIX NET-164 had treated them well over the years, it required too much human intervention for the increasingly steady flow of slides and recordings their needs demanded.

The Solution

How It Works

Slide content makes up the bulk of the programming at Westminster Canterbury Richmond. When not pushing custom slides and several daily programs, their station uses TOTAL INFO to fill in the gaps.

In Their Words

“As long as the camera gets turned on at the other end, and there’s audio and video signal, then the LEIGHTRONIX [equipment] is going to be rock solid.”

— Joey Elswick
Performing Arts Program Coordinator, Westminster Canterbury Richmond

End Result

“Supporting the people who do things really well is important. That’s part of the reason why I will continually stick with LEIGHTRONIX because the product is solid, the customer service is solid, the tech support is solid, and it’s important to me to support other people who hold those same value systems.”

— Joey Elswick
Performing Arts Program Coordinator, Westminster Canterbury Richmond

At a Glance

  • Name: Westminster Canterbury Richmond
  • Location: Richmond, Virginia
  • Products Owned: UltraNEXUS and TOTAL INFO
  • Motto: “Live Life Well”
  • Size: Boasting some pretty extensive grounds, Westminster Canterbury Richmond houses 900 residents.
  • Amenities:
    • Sara Belle November Theater: Providing nationally renowned shows and guest speakers to residents.
    • Library: A fully functional library with over 5,000 volumes.
    • Dining: Multiple styles of five-star dining from an upscale dining room to an informal café.
  • Spiritual Community: Residents belong to 19 different denominations and faiths, as well as 140 different churches.
  • Child Development Center: Pairing children with residents, the child development program creates a mutually beneficial atmosphere for growing, learning, and exploring.

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